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Calibration Course

Course Rationale

This course has been designed specifically for instrument/maintenance engineers, and associated staff who need a sound understanding of calibration.

Aims & Objectives

To provide a calibration training course that specifically meets the needs of a modern production environment - pharmaceutical, food, liquid products etc.

Course Content
  • Reasons for Calibration
  • Measurement & Performance
  • Units, Standards & Traceability
  • Uncertainties in Measurement
  • Calibration Procedures & Methods
Calibration Training with Oakcad
Method of Delivery
yesDistance Learning (read more)
yesDelivered Course (read more)
yesOpen Course
In-course work
Practical work
End of course assessment
EAL certificate
We deliver direct to the client's site.
Normally three days.

This course is accredited and certificated by EAL and is also available as a distance learning course.

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