OakCAD aims to provide training courses that meet the needs of our industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical clients. All of our courses have in-course and end of course assessment and are externally certificated. 

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An engineering flow chart
Image shows a an engineering component, a bearing, drawn using CAD






Can We Help YOU to be well prepared for life after the VIRUS

With staff now working from home and business slowing, this is a very difficult time for all companies.


However, this might be the time to turn these difficulties into an opportunity to train and up-skill some of your staff in preparation for a busy future.


OakCAD NCT provide engineering training courses by distance learning and these courses can be provided directly to staff located in their home with additional support provided by a tutor.


This tutor support can be extended to online support sessions for one person or several people using conferencing software.


Please give us a call or email us if this is of interest to you. We would like to help and are able to provide a course specifically to meet your needs.

OakCAD NCT is based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes .

Now is the time to start your training course or programme with OakCAD NCT.


All courses are certificated by ABC Awards and can be taken as a delivered course or in distance learning format through NCT Online.

Tailor a course to meet your SPECIFIC requirement and have it certificated by ABC Awards.


OakCAD NCT can help you.

Engineering NVQs 

OakCAD NCT is an



Our comprehensive range of engineering courses were developed in partnership with industry and are certificated by ABC Awards.


Courses can be readily customized to meet your company's specific needs.

OakCAD NCT training staff are well qualified and experienced engineering trainers with extensive hands on experience.


Our key courses are: instrumentation & control, calibration, electrical & electronics and mechanical engineering.

All of our engineering courses will provide excellent support for your apprentice training programme.


Please check out our engineering & CAD training courses and see how they can be combined to form a tailored


Certificate in Engineering Maintenance.


If you are a company and have apprentices or other staff that would benefit from an engineering NVQ qualification then please get in touch with us.

If you are  a college then we can provide a cost effective and efficient solution tailored to support your individual needs.


We are able to provide on-line support and our courses or modules from these courses provide an excellent means of delivering underpinning knowledge support.