4 Key Benefits Of Online Learning

Whether you want to add to your skill set, retrain completely or are looking for a fresh challenge - online learning could be the best optio

How To Avoid AutoCAD Viruses

You’ll certainly be given advice and instruction on your CAD training courses as to what to do if you come across viruses that affect the software, but make sure you cement your knowledge so you don’t panic and can react accordingly. There are two main types of virus that can affect AutoCAD – an AutoLISP one that occurs when a file runs automatically when a drawing is opened, and VBA macros that are embedded in drawing files. You would typically infect your PC with an AutoLISP virus by opening a .zip file sent with drawing files, one of which will start up the AutoLISP files. When the drawings are loaded, so too is the AutoLISP file – which is all that’s needed to kickstart the virus. With V

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