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Business-Improvement Techniques

The Business-Improvement Techniques Qualification is an NVQ that is available at Levels 2, 3 and 4 and is gained by following one of the following routes:

  1. Process Improvement

  2. Quality Improvement

You are required to complete Mandatory Units and then have a choice of Optional Units.

Qualification Summary:

The BIT Standards have been produced to assist company’s improve their business activities by applying the tools and techniques of continuous improvement.

The implementation of a continuous improvement policy requires the company and their staff to focus their attention on improving its processes by the elimination of anything that does not add value for the client, reduces variations and defect prevention.

The improvements must then be maintained through the continuous monitoring of the operations by ensuring that all activities add value and are standardized, thus creating a robust quality system that eliminates the risk of defective products reaching the customer, reduces manufacturing costs and improves profitability and competitiveness.

OakCAD NCT currently provides this qualification at Level 2 and Level 3 in Process Improvement and is able to support other Engineering NVQ qualifications through EAL.

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