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Certificate in Engineering Maintenance

Programme Rationale

Our range of engineering training courses have been designed specifically for and by our clients in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and oil/gas industries, to assist them

up-skill, retrain or cross-skill their engineers.

Aims & Objectives


These courses have been brought together to provide a Certificate in Engineering Maintenance where the individual units and the full qualification are certificated by ABC Awards, as a Certificate of Achievement.


The training material includes course notes, in-course assignments, end of course assessment and practical work as appropriate and the standard is equivalent to Level 3.


Each successfully completed unit is separately certificated and the FULL Certificate in Engineering Maintenance is awarded on successful completion of any six units.

The subjects are:

Unit 1 Instrumentation & Control

Unit 2 Calibration

Unit 3 Electrical & Electronic Principles

Unit 4 Mechanical Principles

Unit 5 PLC Principles

Unit 6 Refrigeration & HVAC Principles

Unit 7 Pneumatics 

Unit 8 Electro-Pneumatics

Unit 9 Mathematics for Engineers

Unit 10 CAD using AutoCAD - 2D1

Unit 11 Mechatronics

Unit 12 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Principles

Certificate in Engineering Maintenance

This programme provides a highly flexible method of delivery  with all courses available as tutor lead delivered courses and all, except for Units 7 & 8, as distance learning courses.​

Method of Delivery

  • In course work and assessment

  • Practical work

  • End of course assessment

  • Endorsement Quality Licence Scheme

  • We deliver direct to the client's site

  • We deliver to client groups at our offices in Milton Keynes

Please see individual Units.
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