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Working with OakCAD NCT


OakCAD NCT is a dynamic training company offering a comprehensive range of engineering training courses.


Our clients vary from SMEs to multinational companies, typically in the pharmaceutical, food, engineering, chemical industries etc.


We provide training across the UK, normally on our client’s site, with the duration of our standard courses ranging from three to five days.


Each standard course is accredited and certificated by EAL and has:

  1. In-course assessment.

  2. Practical work.

  3. End of course assessment.


Therefore, our trainers not only deliver the course but also undertake the assessment process as outlined in 1-3 shown above.


Due to the volume of ongoing work we are always looking to recruit additional trainer/assessors in the subject areas shown on the OakCAD and NCT websites.


If you are interested in working with OakCAD NCT on a contract basis, then please get in touch with us.
















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