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Essential Mathematics for Engineers

Course Rationale


This engineering mathematics training course has been designed specifically for those people seeking to work or train for work in engineering or construction and would like to develop or refresh their mathematics knowledge.



No qualifications are required although some basic arithmetical knowledge and use would be helpful.

Aims & Objectives


To provide a mathematics training course that specifically meets the needs of those working in an engineering or construction environment. The contents of this course will be extremely useful as reference information when undertaking engineering or construction training/education.

Course Content
  • Units

  • Decimal places & significant figures

  • Basic Algebra

  • Transposition of formulae

  • Power & root of a number

  • Ratio, Proportion & Percentage

  • Graphs

  • Properties of a right angle triangle

Method of Delivery

  • In course work and assessment

  • End of course assessment

  • Endorsement Quality Licence Scheme

  • We deliver direct to the client's site

  • We deliver to client groups at our offices in Milton Keynes

  • 2 days, depending on client requirement

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