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Post-16 Education Set To Be Radically Overhauled

Technical education for the over-16s is about to be overhauled in a radical way, Chancellor Philip Hammond has revealed in his latest Budget, in a bid to put this kind of training on a par with more academic studies.

According to the Daily Telegraph, teens opting to undertake technical training (which includes courses like becoming a builder or engineer) will undergo 900 hours of teaching a year, some 50 per cent longer in education than they sign up for now.

Currently, students are expected to choose from 13,000 different qualifications, but these are due to be replaced by 15 standalone courses. The reforms are set to be dubbed T-levels (the technical equivalent of A-levels) and will be funded by over £500 million a year once it's up and running.

The aim is to ensure that the economy in the UK is able to continue thriving after Brexit. Potential courses for the T-levels include social care, construction, catering and hospitality, business and administration and engineering and manufacturing.

A source from the Treasury said: "Now that we're leaving Europe, we really need to up our game on this stuff. We cannot wait. We will soon be competing with every other country after Brexit."

Mr Hammond has also just stated that if Britain fails to secure the Brexit deal it wants, it will stay strong and fight back, doing whatever needs to be done in order to remain competitive if it does have to leave the EU without a trade agreement in place.

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