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Apple Admits Faults In Mac Pro Design

If you’re looking into CAD training, you may also be on the hunt for a new computer powerful enough to deal with and process this sort of technology. There are many computers on the market that come with the ‘professional’ tag to signify that they’ve got the power and memory to deal with complex files such as video and 3D design, but before you invest, it’s always best to check the reviews.

For example, the Mac Pro (not to be confused with the Macbook Pro) has even gotten bad reviews from Apple itself, as this week it admitted the design of the machine has limited its ability to update its innards and release new models.

The Mac Pro is a standalone desktop computer in Apple’s tech arsenal, however, it’s distinct design has been attacked by users for putting style over function. It had been developed with an idea of how graphic processor chips were going to evolve in the tech market, however, the way that technology actually developed causes issues with overheating in the cylindrical design.

Yet, with its faults, Apple have now announced the first upgrade on the computer in over four years. It will not, according to the BBC, be a new model however, though one is on the cards for an unspecified time after 2017 said Apple bosses.

The update is basic - including more CPUs and dual GPU use, however, many tech bloggers were left disappointed, hoping for more from Apple on its offering to professionals who use their technology.

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