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3D Printing: Solution To The Housing Crisis?

In the future, it could be down to graduate from CAD training courses to deliver the best new housing available, as 3D printing could look to revolutionise the housing market.

It seems there could be new way to get exactly the house of your dream quite literally off the shelf with a new 3D printing website specialising in building homes. According to The Telegraph, the website Wikihouse provides you with the tools put in the plans for your dream house, as using specialist printing equipment, it can create a ‘flat pack house’.

3D printing has come a long way over the last 10 years and it’s now possible that you can work with a variety of standard building materials, from wood to steel and concrete, in the process.

Dubai, a country renowned for pushing the boundaries with amazing structures and architectural master pieces, is planning on building 25 printed buildings by the end of 2030 and they have already created some digitally constructed office blocks.

The new construction technique could help with the housing crisis: keeping up with the increased need and supply of new homes at a much faster pace.

Skanska, a construction company in the UK, has already embraced the idea of 3D printing within the building industry, using printers to construct concrete blocks which they are hoping to use for large scale building projects.

Could this be an end to the traditional way of building our home and will digitally constructed homes be the future? It’s thought that eventually this will become a normal way of building structures and soon enough everyone will be using this innovative method.

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