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Lego Bridge Takes Centre Stage At ICE Hub

To celebrate those civil engineers who have strived over the years to create some for the greatest bridges in the world, the Institute of Civil Engineers’ (ICE’s) Infrastructure Learning Hub has just opened a brand new Bridge Engineering exhibition.

And the crowning glory of the entire show is a Lego bridge that stands at more than 3m tall and spans over 30m – nearly the equivalent of three London Routemaster buses parked end to end. More than 200,000 Lego bricks were used in its creation and it weighs three-quarters of a tonne.

Dr Robin Sham, who designed the installation and oversaw the challenges in creating it, said: “Bridges connect people and places, both physically and emotionally. The ICE's visionary Lego Bridge project connects civil engineers with the public, demonstrating the monumental accomplishments of civil engineering. Using familiar Lego bricks to demystify and showcase the extraordinary feats of engineers, I hope the next generation will be inspired to consider engineering as a career.”

The Learning Hub itself is a knowledge resource centre that focuses on contemporary engineering achievements – while telling the history of civil engineering at the same time. There is much to see and do here, whether you want to find out more about careers in the industry or are keen to learn more about the history and purpose of civil engineering.

Meetings, workshops and seminars can all be booked here, exhibitions are put on regularly and there’s an interactive zone where people can build their own models and try out engineering challenge kits.

For help and advice relating to engineering training courses, get in touch with us today.

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