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Opportunities ‘Abound’ For Offshore Wind Maintenance Engineers

Those of you looking for a new challenge in the year ahead might want to look into CAD courses that could help you launch a new career as a maintenance engineer within the on and offshore wind sectors.

Adam Wentworth, representative of Renewable UK, has suggested that wind farms currently have a lifespan of 25 years and technicians will be hired to work on them throughout the duration of their lives, The Engineer reports.

He did warn, however, that it’s important to remember that such work can present serious challenges, because working at height in isolated locations is required for both onshore and offshore wind farms. What’s more, sea conditions need to be factored in, as does the weather – although bear in mind that qualified and skilled engineers are in strong demand across the industry.

“For offshore wind, experience working in other parts of the offshore energy sector, such as oil and gas, is highly sought after, with aptitude, professionalism and transferable skills all highly valued,” Mr Wentworth went on to explain.

Last month (January), a new report from Offshore Renewable Energy and the Offshore Wind Programme Board found that the cost of energy from offshore wind has dropped by 32 per cent since 2012. What this means for jobseekers is that it’s more likely investment will be directed towards the sector, which in turn is likely to help create thousands of jobs all over the UK.

Now could well be the time to retrain and look towards forging a new career for yourself. If you need advice relating to any of our online courses, get in touch today.

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