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Worried About Automation? Could Be Time To Upskill

With the news that robots could take around half of UK manufacturing jobs by 2030, it’s understandable why people working in this and related sectors might start to worry.

Research by PwC highlighted the trend towards automation in its latest UK economic outlook, estimating that overall within the country’s economy around 30 per cent of jobs could be at risk from a move towards using robots.

However, there are significant differences between sectors. While many manufacturing jobs could be a risk, the same isn’t so for those working in professional, scientific and technical roles. In this area, just 26 per cent of jobs are at risk of automation.

PwC also pointed out that while automation may look like it’s taking away jobs on the one hand, it will be creating new roles on the other, so the net result of this trend can’t be truly understood - and nor should it be something we’re worried about.

But upskilling is always a good idea no matter what your profession. Within the construction and engineering sectors, it could lead to a more fulfilling career, and by going on mechanical training courses or something similar, you could improve your job prospects and pay too.

There may also be opportunities in certain sectors sooner than 2030. Earlier this month, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors warned that Brexit could lead to a loss of skilled workers from the continent.

According to the organisation, up to eight per cent of the UK’s construction workforce could be forced to leave the country depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. That leaves a significant gap that we’re going to have to fill and means if you’re considering undertaking new training to upskill in this sector, now is a good time to do it.

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