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UK Degree Apprentices Graduate

The UK’s first degree apprentices have graduated from Aston University this week, with seven of the 11 students leaving with first-class honours degrees, while the other four all achieved second-class degrees.

FE Week highlighted their achievements, with each of the students receiving Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees in digital and technology solutions, having split their time between studying at university and working for Capgemini.

Executive dean of the university’s School of Engineering and Applied Science Professor Ian Nabney told the news provider that this kind of course is ideal for anyone who doesn’t perform well in a “traditional” study environment.

He added that degree apprenticeships offer “a challenging but rewarding route to graduate-level jobs, while their academic achievement is recognised as being at the same high level as a traditionally earned degree”.

With technology constantly evolving and the construction and engineering industries changing to embrace new ways of working and equipment, there’s a constant need within the profession to upskill. Undertaking autocad training courses to refresh your skills is never going to hurt.

The Guardian recently noted that with a skills crisis in the UK jobs markets looming, which is only going to be worsened by Brexit, something needs to change in how we deliver education once people leave school.

According to the newspaper, greater collaboration between higher education institutions, like universities and specialist further education providers, could help people learn the skills they need at the point in their lives when they need them.

It’s particularly important to help people access training regardless of their age, the publication added, with many people failing to move into further or higher education due to missing out on grades at school.

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