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New 'Virtual Reality' 3D Design Programme Released

If you want to compete in the world of engineering on a professional level, autoCAD training courses will add essential skills to help you progress in your career. However, in the future, you may find that new programmes replace existing ones as market leader, meaning you'll need to keep training to stay at the forefront of the field.

One such programme, which has the potential to become a market leader, has been released this week, promising to make 3D design quicker and more accessible than ever. Gravity Sketch has been developed to help both industrial and product designers, as sketching is done in a 3D field, rather than in two dimensions using both virtual and augmented reality technology, according to Design Week.

The programme is compatible with virtual reality programmes such as Oculus Rift, meaning that the design software is used with virtual reality headsets alongside with hand-tracking devices. Imagine the technology from the film Minority Report, but for creating both rough sketches and more accurate, technical designs, all the while, being bale to take in every angle of the resultant design.

This could also change the needs of modern engineering workplaces, incorporating space for 3D design within the traditional workplace.

Gravity Sketch can be downloaded now from their website, but the basic version is in beta mode, and only available for small and personal projects at present. However bigger businesses can get in touch to discuss commercial applications.

We, for some, will look forward to teaching virtual reality 3D design in the future.

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