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Training 'Key To UK Manufacturing Success' Post-Brexit

British engineering and manufacturing is confident, but questions about closing the skills gap post-Brexit remain for the industry.

This was the result of the sixth annual MHA Manufacturing and Engineering report, which uncovered an industry delivering revenue rises and higher optimism, but facing barriers to growth such as increased production costs and a shortage of skilled staff.

Three quarters of respondents surveyed for the report said they were finding it challenging finding skilled machinists and experienced engineers and they believe that support for the industry at government level to fill these skills gaps should be prioritised.

Those surveyed also said they wanted to see the government make an effort to expand its skills training to secondary schools and more higher education diplomas.

Head of the manufacturing group at MHA Chris Coopey said: "The skills shortage is already being exacerbated by the loss of both skilled and unskilled staff from the EU.

"By providing the right incentives, government has a key role to play in supporting and promoting the investment in automation, innovation and skills development that we need. With the finance sector in London at real risk post-Brexit, the manufacturing and engineering sector should be front and centre of the government’s thinking if the UK’s economy is to thrive and grow."

Engineering training courses are an important skills booster to offer employees. Contact us to find out more.

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