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Engineering Careers 'Growing In Popularity'

There could be more demand for mechanical training courses in the near future, as engineering careers are becoming increasingly popular.

The Telegraph reports that just three years ago, the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) vacancies in the UK outnumbered candidates by nearly two to one.

Now, however, figures from job site Indeed show that the number of people on the hunt for STEM jobs has climbed to 90 per cent the number of vacancies out there, indicating a growing appetite for science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers among the latest tranche of jobseekers.

In fact, this ratio has grown from 0.57 in January 2014 to 0.90 in July 2017, meaning supply of suitable candidates has now almost caught up with recruiter demand - and this upward trend is likely to continue.

And it is the youngest, newest candidates interested in a STEM career that have a world of opportunity at their feet, as some 13 per cent of the 200 most-popular STEM jobs out there are entry-level roles that do not even require a university degree.

The greenest STEM job-seekers also are not competing with the experienced baby boomer generation, 38 per cent of whom are less likely to seek a STEM role than any other kind of job.

And from the newest school leavers, to those considering retirement within the coming years, to those in between, as Generation X is looking to try something new.

According to a study from Vauxhall motors, 70 per cent of people in their 40s are looking for a change in career - so there could be fresh interest in engineering roles from this demographic too.

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