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Construction Jobs ‘Can Pay Well’ For Students

Many students in the UK can’t afford to not work while studying, but although you might expect people at university to take bar or retail jobs, one recruitment site is suggesting that students should consider working in the construction sector.

According to a report in the Redditch Standard, research by CV-Library found that students could earn an average of £13.59 per hour when working part-time in the construction industry, compared to the £10.35 average hourly rate for jobs in customer service.

This could also be a good way for students to find out more about the varied careers open to them in the sector, broadening their horizons when they leave university.

Even if the degree they’re studying for isn’t directly related to the construction or engineering sectors, there is always the option to undertake the likes of autocad training if this is something that would be appropriate.

Of course, there are many transferable skills from other degrees that can easily be applied to the construction sector and with roles in management, HR, marketing and many other areas available in building and engineering firms, there is no shortage of jobs for graduates.

It appears that a growing number of people are recognising the opportunities available for engineering jobs, with the Telegraph recently reporting that there are now applicants for 90 per cent of the STEM jobs being advertised.

This is a significant improvement in just three years, with the newspaper noting that at that time vacancies outnumbered candidates by nearly two to one.

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