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Would Retraining Make You Happier?

A new report has found that one in four workers in the UK don’t like their current job and, in fact, one in five are unhappy in their current career.

When you’ve taken the time to get a university degree, to train in a specific industry, or even to work for a number of years in a particular sector developing knowledge, the thought of throwing all of that out and starting again can be scary.

The research by UK Power found that 26 per cent of those who want to change careers don’t because they are scared that they’ll regret their decision. Meanwhile, 31 per cent believe there is no better alternative, and 39 per cent are staying where they are because they can’t afford to change their career.

The important thing to remember is that there are a range of ways to upskill or retrain, not all of which have to involve large, upfront expenses. Distance learning is one way to get you started, with autocad distance learning just one of the many options open to you.

And given that 26 per cent of those surveyed felt that leaving their current job for something new would benefit their mental health, it could be good for your wellbeing as a whole to consider a career change.

One area where you may want to consider a career is in the UK’s nuclear industry, after an expert warned that there is a skills shortage looming for the sector due to a lack of engineers being trained for large-scale nuclear projects.

Nuclear development director at Costain Alistair Smith said that part of the issue comes from the indecision over what nuclear power projects are set to go ahead in the UK.

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