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Top New Year’s Resolutions For Budding Engineers

Those who are trying to embark on a career in engineering might find it difficult to break into a very skilful and competitive industry. That is why it is important you stand out from the crowd and make yourself indispensible to potential employers.

Here are our tips on what new year’s resolutions might help you in finding the job of your dreams.

Embark on courses

You may already have a relevant degree for the field you want to go into. However, there is no harm in enrolling on other courses to add more skills to your CV.

For instance, taking an instrumentation and control course helps provide you with a good understanding of industrial measurement and process control. This is useful for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food or liquid markets.

By completing a course, you put yourself at an advantage over other candidates by having more knowledge and experience. You also show the interviewer you have initiative and discipline to up-skill yourself.

Get practical experience

Engineering is a very practical career, so those with applied experience will be favoured in a recruitment process over those with only a theoretical understanding of procedures.

Therefore, it is wise to look for placements that enable you to work alongside professional engineers to see what they do and have a better understanding of techniques.


It is a good idea to specialise within your area of discipline. This will show an employer you have advanced knowledge of the industry and can provide useful experience that other candidates lack.

For instance, you could specialise in nuclear, underwater, clinical, biomedical or automotive engineering, demonstrating a superior understanding of these areas.

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