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More Construction Firms Investing In Staff Training

While construction companies in the UK continue to report a shortage of skilled workers, the latest research shows that many are at least trying to do something about it.

According to data from the Lloyds Housebuilding Report, 69 per cent of construction businesses in the UK are putting money into staff training and development.

In addition, just over half (51 per cent) of the firms questioned said that they were setting up apprenticeships to help address concerns about the future supply of skilled workers in the industry.

For the majority of roles in the building trade, including architects, plumbers, project managers and joiners, companies revealed that it’s predominantly more difficult or certainly no easier to recruit to these positions since Brexit.

Stewart Baseley, chairman of the Home Builders Federation (HBF), said that house builders are “readily planning for the future” by taking steps such as investing in staff training and looking at utilising new methods of construction.

However, despite worries over a shortage of workers, there doesn’t appear to be a slowdown in construction activity around the UK.

The latest Real Estate Crane Survey UK by Deloitte found that activity in regional cities, including Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester and Leeds, has shown an improvement in the past year.

Housing development in particular has been strong across all of these locations, the firm noted, indicating that there is work for those who have the right skills.

If you want to run calibration courses for your employees contact us to find out how we can help, as well as what other training we offer.

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