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An Insight Into A Tesla Engineer’s Work

Engineering is an incredibly varied field, and you may not realise just how many different jobs there are in this area, at companies large and small.

Tesla has been receiving a lot of attention of late, especially with the SpaceX launch that saw founder Elon Musk successfully launch one of his cars into space.

However, the company works on a wide variety of projects and one engineer has recently been talking to Business Insider UK about the work she does.

Reading Rosie Mottsmith’s story might inspire you to book calibration courses to extend your skills and enable you to get into a different area of engineering.

Ms Mottsmith explained that she originally trained as a physicist but found the field too abstract, so after a few other jobs she completed a new degree in materials science and engineering. She now works for Tesla, where she’s been part of the team that’s developed the Tesla Semi truck.

Its large windscreen is one of its main features, and she put the Tesla armoured glass that it’s made of through rigorous testing to ensure it was safe enough to go on the road.

That meant firing things at it from specially designed cannons at the Tesla Design Studio in the SpaceX factory, as well as visiting the assembly line at one of the firm’s factories, and consulting with other engineers.

Ms Mottsmith added that throughout the whole process, they don’t take no for an answer “unless it’s dictated by physics”.

Stories like hers are just the kind of thing that the UK government may be hoping to tap into as a way of promoting engineering as a career option to more young people, and specifically women.

Last year, Sophie Caffrey, an engineer working in the electronics industry, wrote for the Huffington Post that most girls have discounted engineering as a career option by the time they reach 14 years old. She stressed that while people retraining will help, more needs to be done at a grassroots level to fill the growing skills gap.

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