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UK To See Construction Jobs Growth

There are expected to be 150,000 new jobs created in the UK’s construction industry over the next five years, the latest forecast by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) shows.

According to the organisation, the push to build more homes will see a rising need for the likes of carpenters - 15,350 people with this profession are expected to be needed - and labourers, with 9,350 such workers required in the coming years to meet demand.

However, it is professional and managerial roles that will see the strongest job growth between now and 2023, the CITB revealed.

There could therefore more opportunities for those who already work in the sector and can undertake ILM level 3 leadership and management courses to allow them to take a step up, for instance.

Steve Radley, CITB policy director, commented: “Though growth is slightly down on 2017, it’s looking more balanced with housing and infrastructure both expanding significantly.”

The regional picture shows that Wales is going to see the greatest increase in output in the coming years, with large infrastructure projects the main reason for this positive performance, the CITB explained.

Although there are still concerns among those in the sector about the impact that Brexit will have on being able to recruit a skilled workforce, there are signs that UK construction firms are doing what they can to prepare.

Last month the Lloyds Housebuilding report revealed that two-thirds of businesses in this sector are investing in staff training and development this year. In addition, 51 per cent of the firms questioned said that they were setting up apprenticeships in 2018 to help combat staff shortages.

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