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James Dyson Award Competition Now Open To Entrants

If you’ve just been on an instrumentation and control course, and want to showcase your new talents with an amazing idea or invention, why don’t you enter this year’s James Dyson Award competition?

This is an annual contest open to students and graduates from 27 countries, with the brief being to design something that solves a problem. International winners will be granted £30,000 to launch their idea and their university will also be given £5,000 as well.

Previous problems that people have tried to solve include unnecessary food waste, unsustainable fishing, melanoma detection and non-ergonomic prosthetics.

The competition will be judged in stages, with three judges from each region picking a national winner and two runners-up. These will all then be presented to Dyson engineers, who then come up with a top 20 shortlist. James Dyson himself will pick the ultimate winner, as well as the two final runners-up.

Past winners include the team behind the EcoHelmet, a folding recyclable helmet made for bike share. It was constructed out of waterproof paper in a radial honeycomb pattern to enable cyclists to ride more safely, more confidently and more often.

There’s also the Voltera V-One, which allows users to take a design on their computer and translate it into a circuit board in just one hour.

If you’ve got a similarly bright idea and think it could be in with a shot of taking the crown this year, why don’t you put an entry in and see what happens? You’ve got to be in it to win it, after all!

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